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Woke Rose Botanicals is an herbal wellness line I started after falling in love with herbalism as well as experiencing a deep desire to reconnect to my roots and honor the  wisdom of my ancestors and plant-cestors. For many years, indigenous cultures around the world have found mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in nature. Plant medicine and the natural world have not only been a source of healing, but of inspiration, connection, and love. The herbal products created and offered here are a labor of such love as well as an act of deep devotion to the ancient wisdom and beauty of the earth and to the wisdom and beauty of my Taino and African ancestors. All of our products can be used for self-care rituals, ceremonies, celebrations, or simply to bring you back to the present moment and reconnect you with yourself. Atabey (the figure that forms the basis of the logo) is a Taino representation of the divine feminine. She is associated with power but also fierce power and connected to the energy of the ocean. She is reminder of our ability to access wisdom, healing, and strength through nature.

Alongside of my beloved mindfulness practice, my work with herbs and plants has been instrumental in helping my body heal from autoimmune issues, helping my soul remember its wholeness, and helping my heart find joy and ease.  The products in my shop have emerged over the past few years amidst my deepening curiosity and appreciation for plants. They are all hand-made by me in small batches with great care and are items I personally use and share with loved ones.  The products in my shop change but often include salves, essential oil blends, teas, and tinctures along with art inspired by my journey and made with great love.

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“Look deeply in to nature and then you will understand everything better”                   -Albert Einstein